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Strawberry Gummi Bears – 5 lb. bag

Adorable strawberry gummi bears are perfect for any kind of candy buffet.  Soft and chewy.  Approximately 145 pieces per pound.  From Albanese.

Price: $15.00

Sour Patch Kids 5 lb. Bag

These little candy "kids" pack a powerful sour punch.  Assortment of chewy sour candy includes 4 fruity flavors:  Cherry, Lemon, Lime, and Orange.

There are approximately 175 pieces per pound.  By Cadbury.

Price: $19.50

Sour Patch Cherries – 5lb. bag

Cherries without the pits!  Cherry chews sprinkled with sour, sugary goodness!

Price: $24.00

Rocky Road Original

Introduced back in the 1950's, this popular candy bar is made with delightfully light, fluffy marshmallow, topped with flavorful roasted cashew nuts, crunchy malt, and covered with rich milk chocolate.  This bar is truly delicious and literally melts in your mouth.

Order by the each or a display case comes with 24 bars.

Price: $1.59

Red Vines Licorice Twists – Sugar Free

The delicious taste of strawberry red vines but in a tasty sugar free version!

From American Licorice.

Order by the each.

Old Price: $3.59

Price: $3.00

You save: $0.59! (16.43%)


Red Vines Licorice Twists

The original!  Delicious jumbo red vines strawberry licorice in a handy 8 oz. bag.  Perfect snack for on the go.

From American Licorice.

Order by the each.

Price: $2.49

Red Swedish Fish 5 lb. Bag

Red, chewy fish that stay soft.  This classic movie candy has its own unique fruity flavor.  By Cadbury.

Price: $19.50

Red Licorice Wheels 5 lb. Bag

Unwrap these little wheels and you get two licorice laces.   Approximately 45 pieces per pound.  From Haribo.

Price: $19.50

Red Licorice Scottie Dogs 5 lb. Bag

Delicious little licorice bites in the adorable shape of a scottie dog.  Mild strawberry flavor.  Approximately 62 pieces per pound.  From Gimball's.

Price: $28.50

Red Hots

The small cinnamon candies you had as a kid in a snack-sized box.

Comes in a display box of 24 1 oz. boxes.

Price: $6.00

Red Cherry Sours Candy Balls – 7.5 lb. Bag

These ruby red little balls of candy have a firm outer shell with a soft candy center and just the slightest sour cherry taste.  Approximately 150 pieces per pound.  From Judson-Atkinson.


Product Options

Price: $24.00

Mike N Ike Redrageous – 4.5lb. bag

All the fun of Mike N Ike with the taste all of the red flavor favorites:
Fruit Punch

There are approximately 225 pieces per pound.

Price: $16.50

Hot Tamales 4.5 lb. Bag

The classic, spicy cinnamon chewy candy with a bright red color.  There are approximately 225 pieces per pound.  From Just Born.

Price: $16.50

Hot Tamales

Chewy red hot cinnamon candy bites in little mini-sized boxes. From Just Born.

Choose a display box of 24 or a single 2.12 oz. box.

Price: $0.40

Gummy Strawberries 5 lb. Bag

Delicious, fruity strawberry gummy candies feature a red berry and green leaves on top.  By Trolli.

Price: $14.50

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