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York Peppermint Patties Minis

Cool and refreshing soft mint surrounded by rich dark chocolate.   Individually wrapped in silver wrappers.  175 pieces per box.  By Hershey.

Price: $27.00

Vanilla Caramel Squares 5 lb. Bag

Perfect little squares of caramel are individually wrapped.  Approximately 68 pieces per pound.  From Ferrara Pan.

Price: $19.50

Tootsie Roll Midgies 5 lb. Bag

The chewy, chocolaty candy in a convenient mini size.  Great for parties.  Individually wrapped.  Approximately 70 pieces per pound.  From Tootsie.

Price: $16.50

Peanut Butter Bars 5 lb. Bag

They`re crunchy, they`re crispy, they`re almost flaky and they`re truly addictive. Peanut Butter Bars are perfect if you love peanut butter in a crunchy and crispy snack size.   Texas Grade A Jumbo peanuts are slowly roasted until they`re a toasty golden brown, releasing each nut`s full deep peanut flavor. No added oils or fillers.  The result? A melt-in-your-mouth, crunchy, totally peanutty bar unlike any other you`ve ever tasted. Individually wrapped.
Approximately 72 pieces per pound.  From Atikinson's.

Price: $18.50

Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes 8 lb. Box

Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes are candies that look like Neapolitan Ice Cream. Each bite-size piece has Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry flavors and are made with real coconut.  Individually wrapped.  Approximately 30 pieces per pound.  From Brachs.

Price: $39.00

Milk Chocolate Raspberry Jelly Sticks 7.5 lb. Box

Soft raspberry flavored jelly sticks coated in a rich milk chocolate.

Price: $49.50

IBC Root Beer Barrels 5 lb. Bag

Delicious root beer flavor in every barrel-shaped candy.  Approximately 60 pieces per pound.  Individually wrapped.  From Primrose.

Price: $19.50

Gummy Cola Bottles 5 lb. Bag

Soft and chewy cola flavor gummy bottles.  By Trolli.

Price: $14.50

Giant Malted Milk Balls 5 lb. Bag

Giant maltballs covered in a thick layer of milk chocolate.  If you love malted milk balls and chocolate, these are for you!

Price: $39.50

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels – 10# box

These delicious balls of salted caramel are covered in rich, dark chocolate and are soft and easy to chew.  A great candy for gifts and candy bars.  From Marich.

Price: $79.00

Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks 7.5 lb. Box

Orange fruit gel sticks covered in a rich coating of dark chocolate.  Approximately 50 pieces per pound.

Price: $49.50

Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans 5lb. Bag

Dark chocolate covered whole espresso beans provide a healthy, high-energy treat.  Approximately 100 pieces per pound.

Price: $39.50

Cookie Dough Bites 5 lb. Bag

Delicious little balls of cookie dough covered in milk chocolate.  Approximately 100 pieces per pound.

Price: $39.00

Chocolate Non-Pareils 1″ diameter5 lb. Bag

Small drops of chocolate with little white candy balls.  A delicious treat!

Price: $49.00

Chocolate Covered Raisins 5 lb. Bag

Sweet raisins individually coated with rich milk chocolate.  Chocolate covered raisins are a classic movie theater treat!  By Sconza.

Price: $24.00

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