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Gummy Sour Blue Cola Bottles 5 lb. Bag

Blue cola bottles coated in sugar with a sour blue raspberry flavor.  By Trolli.

Price: $19.50

Gummy Blue Raspberries 5 lb. Bag

Delicious gummi blue raspberries, soft and easy to chew with a translucent blue color.  From Albanese.

Price: $15.00

Gummy Assorted Sharks 5 lb. Bag

Great White, Sand, Tiger, Mako, and Hammerhead sharks come in brilliant assorted colors with a yummy marshmallow underbelly. Approximately 75 pieces per pound.  By CandyTech.

Price: $18.50

Fruit Sourballs 7.5 lb. Bag

Soft and chewy little balls of fruity sour flavor.  Each ball is approximately 1/2".  Great for candy buffets.  Approximately 120 pieces per pound.  From Judson-Atkinson.
Select among the following flavors:
Assorted, Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Tangerine or Watermelon.

Price: $24.00

Flicks Chocolate Wafer Tubes

Remember these from the movie theaters when you were a kid?   Flicks chocolate wafers in sturdy tube dispensers of green, red, blue and gold.

Order a single tube or 12 for a complete display box.

Price: $1.89

Dorval Sour Power Belts 5 lb. Bag – Burstin Blue Raspberry

So popular and addictive!  These have just the right of amount of sour and sugar to provide the perfect balance.  Sour blue raspberry flavor.  Approximately 325 belts per bag.  Made in Holland.

Price: $40.00

Candy Fruit Slices – 5 lb. bag

These yummy candy fruit slices are soft with a jelly texture inside and dusted with sugar on the outside.  Looks like a real slice of citrus with an outer "rind".  These are very popular candies for candy bars and buffets given their brilliant colors and delicious fruity flavors.  There are approximately 28 slices per pound.  Each slice approximately 2 inches.

Please specify flavor when ordering:  Assorted, Black Cherry (red), Blue Raspberry(blue), Cherry(red), Grape(purple), Lemon(yellow), Lemon Lime(light green), Lime(green), Orange(orange), Peach(orange), Pink Grapefruit(pink), Red Raspberry(red), Sour Apple(green), Strawberry Banana(pink), or Watermelon(red).

There are approximately 28 slices per pound.
Slice Width: 2 Inches

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Price: $24.00

Blue Raspberry Gummi Rings – 4.5lb. bag

Yummy blue raspberry two-tone, sugar-sanded gummi rings.  Approximately 65 pieces per pound.  From Albanese.

Price: $16.00

Blue Raspberry Gummi Bears – 5 lb. bag

Adorable blue raspberry gummi bears are perfect for any kind of candy buffet.  Soft and chewy.  Approximately 145 pieces per pound.  From Albanese.Products

Price: $15.00

Quick Blast Sour Spray

Cool your jets with a blast of yummy sour candy spray! These sweet extinguishers squirt out liquid candy just like the full size of the real thing. You even have to pull out the yellow safety pin!

Assortment includes 3  flavors:
Berry Blast, Cherry Splash, and Green Apple Burst.
Order a single spray (specify flavor) or a display box containing 12 Quick Blast Fire Extinguisher Sour Candy Spray Dispensers, each with a net weight of 2 ounces.

Product Options

Price: $1.89

Icee Spray Candy

Just like the Icee treat but in a spray candy. Comes in refreshing summer flavors of cherry, blue raspberry or lemonade.

Choose a display box of 12 or a single .85 oz. spray.

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Price: $1.89

Candy Blox 5lb. Bag

Looks and plays just like real building blocks -- only better, you can eat them when you are done playing!

White: Pineapple
Blue: Raspberry
Orange: Orange
Yellow: Banana
Red: Cherry
Purple: Grape
Green: Lime

These come in different sizes.... 2-pin, 4-pin, 6-pin, and 8-pin - perfect for building the ultimate candy creation.

Price: $22.50