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Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Drops – Double Salt

Traditional black licorice made in Holland by Gerrit Verburg.  Delicious black licorice drops with a firm texture and double salt flavor.  Made with sugar, molasses, and licorice extract .  Fat free and contains no cholesterol.

Order by the each.

Price: $4.99

Gummy Peachy Penguins 2.2 lb. Bag

Don't let the look of these tuxedo'd penguins fool you.  They are super soft and have a wonderful peach flavor and aroma.  A great addition to any formal event.  Approximately 70 pieces per pound.  From e.frutti.

Price: $10.00

German Raspberries 5 lb. Bag

Red and black raspberries taste just like the real thing.  Crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.  From Haribo.

Price: $19.00

Black Licorice Wheels 5 lb. Bag

Unwrap these little wheels and you get two licorice laces.  Perfect for baking and cake/cupcake decorating.  Approximately 45 pieces per pound.  From Haribo.

Price: $19.50

Black Licorice Scottie Dogs 5 lb. Bag

Delicious little licorice bites in the adorable shape of a scottie dog.  Mild black licorice flavor.  Approximately 62 pieces per pound.  From Gimball's.

Price: $28.50