French Macaroons October 16th, 2013

Our Macarons... Each macaron is carefully confectioned with the best fruits, berries, nuts and almond flour. it is a perfect combination of texture and flavor: two slightly crispy shells and lush enticing filling make every single bite a pure moment of delight. Each one of our macarons has its own character. Blueberry-lavender is airy and dreamy. Lemon is fresh and happy. Chocolate is so sensual. Orange-blossom brings to your taste buds. Praline is a voyage in time, it feels like being a kid again... The secret of our macaron? A pinch of childhood flavor, a handful of natural and organic ingredients, and a great deal of love...  

Little I Mirror Mints January 31st, 2012

Hey, is my breath fresh?  By the way, how do I look? The answer is in your pocket!  These little sugar free mints by Little I have a loyal following and are a nice tasting mint sweetened with Splenda.  I like the little compact they come in because you can very causally open the container and use the cleverly hidden mirror to check your makeup, hair, teeth or whatever!  The newest design features brilliant colors and designs with inspirational messages to also remind you how wonderful you truly are!  Now available at Montrose Candy Co. for only $2.99 each.

Bequet Caramels January 29th, 2012

I'm a huge caramel fan and not too many caramels pass muster with me.  But, I was at a trade show recently and tasted these handcrafted caramels made in Montana and instantly became a fan.  Although not quite as large as the Dutch House caramels we carry (to a loyal following), these are just as soft, creamy and full of flavor as those.  What I liked is that this company offers some really great flavors and we have six of them - Original, Celtic Sea Salt, Butterscotch, Chocolate Sea Salt, Green Apple and Espresso.  A very smooth, creamy caramel with no artificial flavors or colors.  Try some today at only $.55 each.

Dolfin Milk Chocolate With Sencha Green Tea January 8th, 2012

Introducing Dolfin Chocolate from Belgium!  We've come across this unique flavor of milk chocolate with Sencha Green Tea all in a delicious, high quality chocolate bar from Belgium.  Here's what one reviewer wrote about the taste experience.... "Au Lait au The Vert Sencha du Japon (Milk with Sencha Green Tea fromJapan): Wow, this bar smells like green tea ice cream. The wonderful lightly floral and woodsy tea blends wonderfully with the delicately dairy tasting milk chocolate. The bar is smooth and very sweet except for the green tea bits. It makes the bar better for doing a bit of chewing before letting it melt on the tongue instead of leaving a tab of it on the tongue first." So make your way in to Montrose Candy to try this delicious bar and let us know what you think!  

Theo Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Bars August 24th, 2011

Theo produces premium organic and Fair Trade specialty chocolate. Joe Whinney has built Seattle-based Theo Chocolate into the artful business it is today. What began as a childhood love of chocolate turned into a personal mission when Joe began working with Mayan cocoa growers in Belize. The only organic, fair trade, bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the U.S., Theo has brought superior taste and luxury back to what was once revered as the food of the gods. Artisan confections and chocolate bars ranging from classic to fantasy flavor combinations make up the product line at Theo. Joe’s vision goes far beyond mere product to include Theo’s Chocolate University and an unwavering commitment to enriching the lives of everyone from cocoa growers to fellow chocolate lovers. Organic, Fair Trade, bean to bar chocolate. . . . now available at Montrose Candy Co.

Hello Kitty Clutch Lunchbox – 2012 Edition! August 21st, 2011

Now in just in time for school!  The 2012 editions of the Hello Kitty clutch-style lunch box from The Tin Box Company.  Be the first in your school to have it!                                                      

Goo Goo Clusters – A Nostalgic Favorite! July 23rd, 2011

Just In!!  Remember Goo Goo Clusters?  In 1912, Goo Goo Cluster altered what was possible in the world of candy by combining more than one element. As Goo Goo Cluster marches into its second century, it is still made with real milk chocolate, caramel, peanuts and marshmallow nougat.  These are made in Nashville by the Standard Company.  An American original!  Montrose Candy Co. now carries the original - with peanuts, and the supreme - with fancy pecans instead of peanuts.  Come try one today!

The CUTEST Lollipops Ever! May 30th, 2011

These lollipops are new from Kencraft and are cleverly decorated in a variety of vibrant colors that are sure to add fun and whimsy to any event.  Spell names, events, or use the numbers for a special milestone.  The possibilities are truly endless.  These come in a variety of delicious flavors and are now available at Montrose Candy Co.          

DutchHouse Caramels – The ULTIMATE caramel candy March 31st, 2011

Who doesn't like caramel, really?  Everyone pretty much does.  You haven't tasted caramel until you've tried one of these DutchHouse Caramels from Minnesota.  Made with fresh and pure ingredients, these nearly 2" long caramels are unbelieveably soft and have an amazing, creamy and buttery flavor and texture.  A true treat for the palate!  We carry them in four flavors - Coffee, Raspberry, Sea Salt and Original.  A rich, luxurious treat - for only $.55!!!  Come try one and see why some of our customers now order these by the case from us!